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Revolution Spot On Flea and Heartworm  Prevention, Deworming, Ear and Scabies Mite Treatment for Cats

Our Pharmacy

Bravecto - Chewable Flea and Tick Prevention for dogs every 3 months

Revolution for Cats

Activyl Spot On Flea Prevention for cats

Activyl Spot On Flea Prevention and Activyl Plus Spot On Flea and Tick Prevention of dogs

Heartgard for Dogs

We carry a wide variety of medications in our hospital pharmacy. We know your time is valuable and your pets health is our top priority. We can fill your medications while you wait.

For medications that  we do not commonly carry in stock but you will need: We have the ability to special order a medication for you pet with no extra charge for that special order.

If you prefer a written script at any time, please feel free to ask. We will be happy to provide you with one.

Heartworm Preventative:

Flea Products:

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