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For kittens 12 weeks and older - We will need to perform the FeLV/FIV Test. This test will determine if your pet has been exposed to Feline Leukemia or the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Both FeLV and FIV can cause life threating illness.

When you first get your new puppy or kitten it is  very important that schedule a wellness exam with Dr. Suzi Lanini. She will exam your little one and identify any issues that might be of concern such as a heart murmur, ear infection or skin infection. We will go over your puppy or kittens vaccine schedule and when it will be appropriate to spay or neuter. It is also a good time to discuss breed related issues that might come up in the years to follow.


We recommend starting your puppy or kittens vaccines at 8 weeks of age. The second visit for vaccines is typically 4 weeks later at 12 weeks of age. The third appointment for vaccines is at 16 weeks of age.

We recommend waiting until your puppy or kitten reaches 6 months of age to get spayed or neutered. The procedure can be done earlier if needed.

It is possible for puppies and kittens to get intestinal parasites from their mothers. Some of these parasites are transmissible to humans. Therefore we recommend deworming every puppy or kitten at least twice. This can be done easily during their vaccination visits.

If your pet is not 8, 12, or 16 weeks of age and needs vaccines that is okay! We can help you get on a vaccine schedule so your puppy or kitten is protected.


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