A Compassionate Veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga

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Tuesday 8am to 5pm

Wednesday - 1pm to 5pm

Thursday - 8am to 5pm

Friday - 8am to 5pm

Saturday -8am-12pm

Sunday - Closed

(909) 477 -4499

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic Prices During Regular Business Hours‚Äč By Appointment 

We recommend blood work, IV catheters and IV fluids for all pets but it is required for all pets over 5 years old.

Dog Vaccines

Rabies $15

DHPP Combo $17

Bordetella $17

3 yr DAP $35

Lyme $35

Lepto $18

Spay, Neuter and Dental Procedures

All spays and neuters include a pre-anesthesia exam the day of surgery, pre-operative injection(s), IV anesthesia injection, gas anesthesia during the procedure, antibiotic and pain injections, oral pain medications to go home, courtesy toe nail trim and e-collar

Cat Vaccines

Rabies $15

FVRCP Combo $17

Leukemia Vaccine $25

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