Dr. Lanini has been caring for my animals for many years.  We went for a checkup yesterday and the dogs are always happy to see her!  I always trust and value her diagnosis & advice and always feel reassured while she cares for my pets.  She is compassionate about her job and loves all animals.  I recommend Dr. Lanini for all your vet needs and believe me, I have been to several vets and have never dealt with such a calm, collected & dedicated veterinarian like her.

Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital was professional, affordable and friendly. Dr. Lanini and her staff went above and beyond to make me and my dog comfortable.  I was very pleased with my dog surgical procedure and would definitely recommend them.

- Pat F

I wanted  to share my experience with everyone about how amazing Dr. Susan Lanini is. About 6 years ago she discovered that one of my dogs has a blood disease. Long story short, he had to go through a couple of blood transfusions, multiple ...MoreI wanted  to share my experience with everyone about how amazing Dr. Susan Lanini is. About 6 years ago she discovered that one of my dogs has a blood disease. Long story short, he had to go through a couple of blood transfusions, multiple blood tests  and many medications to get his levels back to normal.  If it hadn't been for her we wouldn't have him with us anymore. I've never seen anyone actually get on the ground during an examination with my animals before, and she did!!  She was so sweet, took her time, made my dog feel at ease and was very thorough.  I could tell she really cares for animals. She has been my family vet ever since.  Dr. Lanini is absolutely the best veterinarian and you can trust her and her team with  your fur babies. She's very passionate about her job and what she does. Her team at Golden Oaks Vet Hospital are friendly, caring and efficient. I highly recommend them to everyone I meet!!!

Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital is a wonderful place to take your animals for care.  The facility is clean.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  Most importantly,  the Vet, Dr. Lanini is great with the animals.  I highly recommend Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital!

Our Boston terrier, Romeo, is our baby (we don't have any human kids). We have visited a few vets in the area and hadn't found a vet who we really liked. We actually considered checking out Golden Oaks after seeing a flier for their vaccination specials. I emailed Dr. Lanini and another local vet who shall not be named with questions regarding experience with brachycephalic dogs and dental cleaning. Dr. Lanini answered quickly and it was evident how knowledgeable she was. We took Romeo to an initial check-up appointment and felt confident enough in Dr. Lanini to schedule a dental cleaning before we left. Her bedside manner was great. Romeo ended up getting seven teeth removed (!) and was in a little bit of pain that day but back to his normal self the next day. The care he received was outstanding and the pricing is very reasonable. Recommending Dr. Lanini to every pet owner I know!

- Liz C

Dr. Lanini is GREAT! She knelt on the floor to examine Hannah and quickly diagnosed the situation. What a relief!! Hannah's getting all fixed up.  It was also really nice to see familiar faces in the office. Julie, at the front desk, continues to be warm, kind and pleasant; just like she was at All Creatures. Thank you!

I just wanted to thank Dr. Lanini for being so professional and patient. She answered every question I had in a way I understood! She took great care of my baby boy Miles! I would recommend this hospital to everyone! Thank you again!

Dr. Lanini is such an amazing vet that I would follow her wherever she practices. She just opened golden oaks vet clinic. She is honest, my dogs love her, and she is an excellent vet. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

-Julie B

- Denise F

- Aimee M

- Patti K

-Carol D

- Midge C

Dr. Lanini has been my small animal vet, for both dogs and cats, since she began practicing veterinary medicine.  She meets her patients (and their owners) with kindness and a happy and caring heart.  My lab LOVES to go to the vet, and listens for her voice while waiting in the exam room.  He can't be still when she comes in and greets him.  In addition to being such a caring vet, she is an excellent practitioner.  We highly value her knowledge, experience, and honesty when she is working with our pets.  We can always trust that their welfare and quality of life is her highest priority.  We strongly and confidently recommend Dr. Lanini to all who are seeking a veterinarian for their animals.

Find A Veterinarian Your Pets Will Love

-Zack A 

-Megan N

I've been bringing my pets to Dr. Lanini for years.  She is fantastic!  I wouldn't go anywhere else.

I have two guinea pigs and a sweet male rabbit that needed a nail trim and it is hard to find a good vet with a great personality that does small specialty animals. The doctor shook my hands with a firm comforting grip and a great smile.  She had a 9 plus year old rabbit herself and had experience in these animals. Her price range was out of this world affordable. She's from now on my vet of choice.  They don't take care credit but plan on getting it in the future, as a heads up for people looking to charge the services.

We have three dogs that don't know they are fur babies. Dr. Lanini is one of the most companionate, caring vets we have ever had. I'm not easily pleased, but she handled my babies with complete professionalism and a genuine love for dogs. We will definitely be back. Thank you for caring for our dogs as much as we do!!

- Caroline C

-Theresa C

-Crystal J

I visited Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital today. Dr. Lanini was wonderful. She took the time to make my young dog feel comfortable. By the time we left he was happy to be there. I appreciated how caring and professional she was. I will be bring all of my animals here in the future.

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