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Rabies Vaccine $15

DHPP (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccine $17

DAP 3 yr $35

Bordetella Vaccine $17

Lyme Vaccine $35
Lyme disease is caused by a bacterial organism. Any dogs exposed to tick should be vaccinated for this bacterial organism
Rattlesnake Vaccine $28

This vaccine does not prevent the deadly effect of a snake bite. In studies, it reduced the severity of the reaction allowing more time to seek medical attention.

Lepto Vaccine $18

Leptospira spp. is a bacterial organism that can be found throughout the world and can infect or be transmitted to  humans.

Vaccination Appointments for Healthy Pets

Dogs and Puppies

Adult Dogs and Cats: Please bring any history you have for your pets. We can figure out when the vaccinations are due. If your pet is over due that is ok too, we'll get him or her all caught up. For pet's that have had a long lapse in vaccines there may be booster vaccines recommended.

Puppies/ Kittens: Please bring your little ones record with you. If there is no history that you know of, that's ok we will start one for you.

Rabies Vaccine $15

FVRCP Vaccine $17

Leukemia Vaccine $25

FeLV/FIV SNAP Test $34.50

Cats and Kittens

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